Conflict Resolution Service

Diverging objectives, misunderstandings and even deceit are inherent risks of business. When business partners are from different cultures with different backgrounds and experiences, the risks associated with conflict are increased.

IRC discusses the situation with our client to fully understand the symptoms / results that are unsatisfactory.  Then, IRC interacts with the Korean counterpart to fully understand the issues from his/her perspective.  Often, the challenges are caused by miscommunication and are easily resolved.  Other conflicts require more in-depth investigation and negotiations.

Sometimes, the conflicts are so severe that the relationship is irrecoverably damaged.  In these cases, IRC manages as harmonious separation as possible minimizing acrimony.

  • Fully understanding the causes of the conflict by interreacting with our client and the Korean counterpart
  • Providing an opportunity for all parties to communicate their concerns to their counterpart
  • Exploring objectives and priorities of the parties to find common ground
  • Developing and implementing organizational solutions
  • Providing an ongoing channel of communication
  • If required, developing sanctions for local employees
  • When the parties’ objectives are incompatible, negotiating an ‘exit’ or termination of the relationship

Selected Project References

  • Client: French industrial consumable manufacturer
  • Project: Serving on the Board of Directors, Maintaining Smooth Relations with Joint Venture partner
  • Completion: July 2014 to October 2017
  • Client: Thai High End Fashion Jewelry company
  • Project: Resolution of conflict with and among local distributors
  • Completion: July 2016
  • Client: American Construction Material Manufacturer
  • Project: Resolution of conflicts with distributor & renewal of contract
  • Completion: March 2015
  • Client: Multi-billion dollar Foreign Invested Company
  • Project: Coaching Country Head on Cultural Management Issues
  • Completion: October 2014 to 2016
  • Client: International Beverage Company
  • Project: Cultural Considerations Applied to HR Structure
  • Completion: August 2014
  • Client: Australian Embassy, Seoul
  • Project: Workshop to define and communicate Core Values
  • Completion: June 2014
  • Client: US Department of Commerce, Seoul
  • Project: Performance enhancement & teambuilding workshop
  • Completion: September 2013
  • Client: Korean Automotive Company
  • Project: Smoothing cultural conflicts among Korean and western executives
  • Completion: June ~ September 2012
  • Client: European Beer importer
  • Project: Resolution with issues with joint venture partner
  • Completion: December 2011
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